Work package 3

Developing concepts for ride characteristics

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Essential components of WP3 are the development of an understanding of how ride characteristics influence the perception of the automated driving function and how they influence the interplay between feedback through ride characteristics and feedback through HMI concepts for the driving function. Another key component is to develop an understanding of the interdependencies between vehicle dynamics/control and occupant comfort. The concept design encompasses trajectory planning and regulation, driving style and strategy, and rear-wheel steering systems (rear-axle steering). Using the ride characteristics in conjunction with the interior concepts from WP2, the researchers aim to enhance occupant comfort and develop a coherent overall concept.
A sensitivity analysis will be used to develop a basic understanding of the cause-effect relationships. This includes an examination of how measures related to driving dynamics influence comfort and discomfort (motion sickness) when users are occupied with non-driving tasks and activities. It furthermore includes an analysis of the effect of vehicle motion when it is used as a feedback channel to the driver. Based on the findings, the researchers will devise concepts for suitable measures to increase comfort and for enabling functional feedback from the vehicle to the driver, which will then be realized in WP4 and evaluated in WP5. Here, the consortium is aiming at a combination of different design parameters from the ride characteristics, interior concept, and HMI concept and will evaluate the effect of the combined measures on the user in comparative studies.


Work package objective:

The aim of WP3 is to develop a concept for swift, safe, and comfortable automated driving. Here the focus is on the development of a coherent overall concept comprising functional feedback, comfort, and avoidance of motion sickness in combination with the interior concepts from WP2.

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Work package 3

Developing concepts for ride characteristics

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