Work package 4

Concept realization and system integration

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This work package includes implementation of the concepts in demonstrators that can be experienced by test persons and experts in studies (WP5) so that conclusions can be drawn about acceptance, operability, comfort, etc. Depending on the project phase, demonstrators will be realized with different levels of fidelity: in virtual reality, in modular test benches/simulators, or in test vehicles. Realizing the concepts involves such aspects as modifications to the interior (e.g., displays and operating units) as well as substitution and adaptation of the steering systems.  
The concepts will be integrated directly in test vehicles in order to evaluate them in terms of ride characteristics. Test vehicles with the capacity for automated driving will be used as the basis for the analyses. The researchers will adapt the necessary interfaces in these vehicles, integrate actuators with extended capabilities and additional surround sensors, and apply the desired ride characteristics.


Work package objective:

The aim of the work package is to make it possible to experience the concept ideas in experimental vehicles and demonstrators. The various constructions demonstrate the implemented concepts within the iterative development process and make it possible for the concepts to be evaluated and validated.

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Work package 4

Concept realization and system integration

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