Work package 5

Evaluation of the concepts in terms of driving safety and user experience

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In WP5, the concepts and prototypes from the previous work packages will be evaluated at all levels of fidelity in terms of the user experience. Using these iterations, the available concepts are pared down to the most promising ones early on. The main focus here is on aspects that are of relevance to the user experience in the vehicle interior during automated driving. WP5 is furthermore expected to lead to a deeper understanding of the parameters that influence the transition between driving modes (e.g., the readiness of the driver to take over control of the vehicle). The take-over process must be designed to be safe, but it also provides scope for improvement of the user experience. A range of different methods is used to measure the user experience. These can take the form of workshops with drivers and stakeholders at the concept stage, simulated functions on test benches at later stages, and a drivable demonstrator at a test site when a high level of maturity has been reached. The evaluation criteria can be, for example, the user requirements defined in WP1, the measures for UX, and the driver’s driving performance after taking over control of the vehicle. This approach allows user requirements to be mapped onto concept versions and ensures that demonstrators are designed with the user in mind.         
When carrying out the evaluation, the consortium makes use of an existing comprehensive set of methods. Owing to the wide variety of improvements and innovations being pursued as well as application in the context of full automation, it is likely that not every issue/question can be adequately addressed with an already existing research method. In such cases, evaluation methods will be adapted and optimized, or new ones will be developed.


Work package objective:

The aim of WP5 is the comprehensive evaluation of the developed concepts and prototypes. Besides questions/issues relating to the user experience and the comfort of users, questions/issues relating in particular to driving safety are at the focus of this work package.

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Evaluation of the concepts in terms of driving safety and user experience

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